How to add an parked domain or an alias domain

What is an parked domain or an alias domain?

Lets say you have an domain hosted with a cPanel control panel, for examplae "". If you'll add as a parked domain for, both domains ( and will redirect to (in address bar will remain the address you wrote).

How do you park a domain?

Lets say that you want to park on (like in the previous example). As a mention, it is neccessary that is hosted on the same proveder (also, parked or alias domain is the same thing). To park an domain, follow these steps:

1. Login in your cPanel account.

Parked/Alias domain image 1

2. Under domain category, click on alias domain.

Parked/Alias domain image 2

3. Write the domain that you wanted to be parked.

Parked/Alias domain image 3

4. Login at your registrar from where you bought the domain.
5. Change the nameservers to our namesevers:

After the TTL will expire, your parked domain should redirect to your original domain (usually will take ~4h).


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