Privacy policy

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Through your consent expressed by accessing and using, your personal data and any other information provided by you may be processed and used Hosterion in any activities and purposes related to marketing, telecommunications and in order to achieve Hosterion's legitimate interest for establishment of databases and use.

Hosterion may own informations about you that you have provided (eg an application or a registration form, contract, etc.). This informations may include, among other things, your name, address, phone numbers, informations about how you use our services (eg type of hosting contracted, the site hosted, how much you spend on our services and informations resulting from visiting our website), and any other information related to your use of our services. .

Hosterion can use this information for the following purposes:

  • process your orders or requests
  • providing you services
  • billing ordered services
  • handling your requests, questions or complaints
  • market and products research and Hosterion's market and products marketing
  • contacting you (including mail, e-mail, fax or telephone) regarding Hosterion's products offer and services or regarding products and services from carefully selected third parties that we believe might interest to you (unless you have made a written request not to be contacted in this regard)
  • recording information about regarding rewards offering, discounts and other benefits, and to meet other requests or requirements you may have regarding customers reward programs and other similar programs.

Hosterion is not entitled to share your informations to third parties.