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Email, collaboration and communication solutions

Online communication and collaboration are critical to your company. With the right tools, your team can be more efficient, communicating more quickly and in a professional manner with the clients and the collaborators, also saving time and money.

A professional communication and collaboration solution is an investment, not an expense.

We propose two solutions to choose from depending on your needs:

  • Business email hosting. A professional email hosting solution at an affordable price.
  • Google Workspace. A complete collaboration and communication solution. Besides the email service, you have online collaborative document editing tools, file storage in cloud, calendar and contacts, voice, video and chat communication.

Compare Business email hosting and Google Workspace (former G Suite)

Solutions recommended for email usage and collaboration scenarios

I need a calendar and/or contact solution

Google Workspace it allows you to store online the calendar and contacts from your phone, and your devices will be automatically synchronized. The calendar automatically generates alerts before a meeting, you can send invitations to an event and you can share the calendars with your team. When you change your phone, you can automatically transfer your data.

We use frequently online voice and video conferences

Google Workspace necessary tool offer.

My users are already used to it and they prefer the Gmail interface

Gmail has become the most popular email service and it is used both as a free solution (with eamil addresses @gmail.com) and as a business solution (email addresses @mycompany.com). Choose Google Workspace in this case.

We want to be able to collaborate online on documents

Google Workspace allows real-time document editing. Regardless of the location of each user, each character edited in the document will update in real time for all those who have the document open.

We are already used to the Google tools and we need online document editing or online file storage

Obviously: Google Workspace.

I need an email solution and the cost is very important

Google Workspace (former G Suite) offers a very wide range of online applications for document editing, file storage, voice, video and chat communication. If you only need an email solution, the business email hosting package is cheaper.