Elvsoft is now called Hosterion

Effective November 1st 2016 Elvsoft SRL changes its name to Hosterion SRL.

All the other features of the company remain the same: VAT ID, trade registry number, address, associates, management, staff, services, prices etc.

We chose the name Hosterion because it better reflects our specialization in web hosting services.

To simplify communication, we consider important that service commercial name matches the legal company name.

Hosterion data centers

Hosterion operate it's own equipments (servers, routers, switches) in partners data centers:

Contact and billing information

Hosterion history

» december 2018: anycast DNS

Hosterion launches the anycast DNS hosting service and offers it for free to all customers.

» july 2017: Hosterion becomes Google partner

Hosterion becomes Google partner offering the G Suite solution for email and collaboration.

Google partner

» april 2017: The new unmanaged VPS offer

IntoVPS, the Hosterion brand of unmanaged VPS, offers now KVM VPSs with SSD storage on the OpenStack platform. Automation is provided by the control panel Fleio, developed by the company with the same name from our group.

» november 2016: Elvsoft changes its name to Hosterion

We change the company name from Elvsoft SRL to Hosteion SRL to better reflect our specialization in web hosting services.

Company's VAT ID and other attributes remain the same.

» june 2009: IntoVPS

Elvsoft launches IntoVPS, international brand of unmanaged VPS hosting. IntoVPS has customers in over 170 countries and over 3500 VPS working simultaneously.

IntoVPS customers benefit from Hypanel, the control panel for OpenVZ, developed by Elvsoft programmers.

IntoVPS launch marks the company's focus on web hosting services and Internet domain names, dropping to provide other services such as web design.

» april 2009: Microsoft's first hosting partner

On April 7th, 2009 Elvsoft became the first Microsoft Certified Partner in hosting solutions proficiency in Romania.

» october 2007: IntoDNS launch

We release the free diagnostics service for the DNS records of Internet domain names.

IntoDNS began as a simple tool to help us in our daily work. We offered it free to international community of IT professionals and has grown beyond our expectations.

Now, in 2016, over one million domains are checked every month on intodns.com.

» february 2004: Elvsoft foundation

Adrian Andreiaș founds Elvsoft SRL, Cluj-Napoca. Initially, Elvsoft offers full services for a successful online presence: web design, web development, web hosting, internet domain names, SEO. Subsequently the company will focus exclusively on hosting and domains.