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Business email hosting

Assistance from Hosterion

  • free migration of the email messages from the current solution to the business email hosting service
  • anycast DNS hosting for the domain
  • The correct email configuration to ensure a maximum delivery rate to Inbox (SPF, DKIM, DMARC)
  • proactive monitoring of the internet domain reputation and of the IP addresses by which you send email messages
  • technical support 24/7 in Romanian and English by phone or email

The email hosting solution you can count on

Your company's activity depends significantly on the email communication. It is important for you to receive and to be able to send email messages at any time of the day and the night and from any device. It is important that the messages you are sending reach the Inbox folder, not the Spam. You don't want to waste time sorting out the important messages from the unsolicited emails with pharmaceutical offers or from Nigerian princes. You don't want to keep an email server under your desk and to pay a Linux administrator to take care of the email server, and you don't want pay a fortune either for an email hosting solution.

For you, we have built the business email hosting service.

We know that your company's activity depends on the impeccable operation of the email service. That is why you need a professional business email solution. Leave it to the professionals to manage your email service and focus on your business.

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The advantages of the business email hosting service

99,9% availability

The business email hosting solution has been designed for a high availability. All equipment is configured in a redundant architecture and thus, any fault in an equipment's hardware will not interrupt the email service operation. For instance, the email message storage is done simultaneously on three storage servers, while the network equipment, switches and routers, are configured in an active-active architecture.

Higher speed

We use dedicated servers for storing, processing, receiving and sending email messages. The top-of-the-line servers and the reduced loading ensure a definitely higher speed for working with the email hosting service. The servers are used only for the business email hosting service. They don't host sites or other services.


Less spam

Did you know that more than 90% of the email messages are actually spam (unsolicited mail)? Focus on the important messages and let us stop the spam. The anti-spam professional solution from Solarwinds Mail Assure (Spam Experts) filters the undesired messages and allows you to focus on your activity. Besides the implicit filters, you can perform a granular configuration of the anti-spam rules.

Enhanced security

The correct configuration of the email server and the DNS settings ensure the automatic signing of the mail messages you are sending and thus the message authenticity certified. And the messages you receive are scanned with the Solarwinds Mail Assure (Spam Experts) solution and you are therefore protected against viruses.

Delivery to Inbox

We know that it is important for your emails to reach the Inbox folder of your customers and collaborators. This is why your messages are sent from IP addresses (IPv4 or IPv6) with good reputation, your messages are automatically signed when they are sent and we make sure that the email settings of your domain comply with the industry's good practices. Thus, your messages will be successfully received.

Daily backup

The safety of your data is a priority for us. The storage cluster keeps your messages on three different servers and as such, the service will operate impeccably if a storage server fails and even in case of two server failure. But the storage cluster does not help you if you permanently delete a message by mistake. In this case, our backup system is the one that saves you. We keep backup copies of the last 90 days as follows: we have, at all times, the most recent 14 daily backup copies, 4 weekly copies and besides the most recent 3 monthly copies. And the restoration of a message or even of a complete account is done upon your request, with no additional cost.

24/7 assistance

Along the years, we've had help desk phone calls early Saturday morning, late at night or even on New Year's Eve, at 20 minutes past midnight. In all these situation, a technician is available and he/she will answer shortly to your assistance request, by email phone. We have build an impeccable reputation due to our customer care service availability and quality.

An affordable price

Although the business email hosting service is based on substantial hardware, software and training investments, we made sure that our solution is accessible to small and medium-sized companies. Other email solutions have a price per mailbox and therefore, the costs become high, even if we are talking about users who use the email service rarely or who don't use it at all. Our email hosting solution has its price established depending on the space used, regardless of the mailbox number. Any of the packages provides you with an unlimited number of mailboxes.

Packages price business email hosting

Included with all the email hosting packages
dedicated IPv4 and IPv6
Professional antivirus and antispam*
Daily backup
24/7 assistance

On an annual payment, one month is free. You pay for 11 months and you benefit from 12 months of services.

Storage spaceMonthly priceDomains and mailboxesDedicated IPv4 and IPv6Professional antivirus and antispam*Daily backup24/7 assistance
40 GB12 €unlimitedOrder
60 GB18 €unlimitedOrder
80 GB24 €unlimitedOrder
100 GB30 €unlimitedOrder
120 GB36 €unlimitedOrder
140 GB42 €unlimitedOrder
160 GB48 €unlimitedOrder
180 GB54 €unlimitedOrder
200 GB60 €unlimitedOrder
220 GB66 €unlimitedOrder
240 GB72 €unlimitedOrder
260 GB78 €unlimitedOrder
280 GB84 €unlimitedOrder
300 GB90 €unlimitedOrder
400 GB120 €unlimitedOrder
500 GB150 €unlimitedOrder

If you make a one-year advance payment, one month is free. You pay 11 months and benfit from 12 months of services.

The price increases linearly with the email storage space. 20 GB storage space costs 6 € / month and it includes the backup service.

*The professional antivirus and antispam solution, Solarwinds Mail Assure (Spam Experts), is included for 1 domain and 1000 mailboxes. The antivirus and antispam price for one additional domain is 2€ / month / domain. And if there are more than 1000 mailboxes on a domain, the price for antivirus and antispam is 0.15 € / mailbox / month starting with the mailbox number 1001.