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Domain registration

Enter the internet domain name (web domain) to check if it is available for registration.

About domain registration

  • The domain registration is done to your name.
  • Among the most popular domains registered by our clients are .com, .net and .eu.
  • The domain is truly yours and you can host it anywhere or you can transfer it anytime to a different provider, if you wish.
  • The domain registration operation is not reversible and since your domain name is a customized product, money refund cannot be requested, giving up, at the same time, to a domain registration.
  • You are not obliged to pay later on the renewal of a domain. If you don't pay the domain renewal, it becomes automatically free, and you have no obligation anymore.

Frequently asked questions about domain registration

How can I check if a domain is available?

Enter the domain name in the domain registration form and you will find out if the domain is free to be registered. You don't have to buy the domain. Entering the domain in the browser to check if a website is loading is not the right method to check if the domain is free. It is possible that the domain is already purchased, but no hosting is set up on the domain.

What should I consider when I choose a domain name?

The domain must be available, it has to be short and memorable.

Is it possible for me to register a domain, even if I won't put immediately an online website?

Of course. It is a good idea to reserve a domain name as soon as possible. The domains are registered based on the "first come, first served" principle. The sooner you register a domain the better chances you have to avoid the risk of it being bought by another person.

Is it possible for me to register the domain with Hosterion and to host it with a diffeerent provider?

Of course. We don't condition domain registration with the purchasing of a hosting package.

Is it possible for me to get a refund if I change my mind after the registration of a domain?

Unfortunately, no. The domains are customized products, the domain name you want to enter is registered and therefore it cannot be returned in order to be subsequently sold to a different client. The legislation provides that the customized products cannot be returned.

Why choose Hosterion for domain registration?

  1. We have registered tens of thousands of domains.
  2. We have earned the trust of our customers during the 17 years of activity.
  3. You benefit from 24/7 assistance, by phone or email. Exactly. There is always at least one person on duty , who can answer your questions concerning the domains or other services, whether it's night or day, Saturday or New Year's Eve.