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Google Workspace (former G Suite) - the email and collaboration solution

Assistance from Hosterion

Google partnerHosterion is a Google partenr and it provides the Google Workspace solution at the same price as Google does, and you benefit more, with no additional cost, from:

  • free migration of the email messages from the current solution to Google Workspace
  • anycast DNS hosting for domain
  • correct configuration of the email, to ensure a high rate of email delivery to Inbox (SPF, DKIM, DMARK)
  • technical support 24/7 in Romanian and English by phone or email
  • 30 day-free testing and no obligation for the domains on which Google Workspace hasn't been used until now
  • you can also buy a domain from Hosterion and we take care of all the settings

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Update: in October 2020 Google G Suite has been renamed becoming Google Workspace and, at the same time, new facilities have been added.

Google Workspace: a complete and easy to use solution for the communication within your company, be it for emails, video conferences or document creation and sharing.

Increase the productivity within your company with the collaboration and communication tools created by Google and used in companies such as Sony, Whirlpool or Colgate-Palmolive.

  • your company's documents in a single place, safe and always with you
  • you benefit from 30 GB storage space for each user
  • you have the email addresses that will still have the address of your internet domain: name@domain.com
  • you benfit from extremely efficient anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-phishing filters
  • you have access to a wide range of applications for text, voice and video communication and document editing applications for your business
  • the access to your documents is easy and can be done from anywhere, online and even offline
  • you save money because you can replace successfully Microsoft Office with the suite of application from Google Workspace, Zoom with Google Meet, Slack with Google Chat, Dropbox with Google Drive
  • you benfit from enhanced security and control, the policies are easy to set up
  • you manage easily the persons who have access to the documents and the devices these persons can access

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Over 6 [*] million companies already work with Google Workspace (G Suite)

Google Workspace (previously called Google G Suite) contains several "cloud" applications that allow the team in your company to connect and to work in real time from the phone, the laptop or the tablet, from any corner of the world. It is not necessary to install applications locally and therefore you don't need to worry anymore about software updates.

A distinct characteristic of Google Docs (the equivalent of Microsoft Word) and Google Sheet (the equivalent of Microsoft Excel) is that they instantly update the content for all the users who have the document open and thus you can collaborate in real time with your coworkers, who are at the office, at home, in the country or anywhere in the world.

We use Google Workspace everyday within Hosterion and we cannot imagine our work without it. The applications simply work very fast and in a predictable way, hence the work is easier and more efficient, and the day is more pleasant.

Find out below which are the applications included in the suite of productivity Google Workspace.


Gmail for an easier email communication

Gmail is the easy solution for managing email accounts, and the emails will be sent using addresses like name@mydomain.com. You benefit from 30GB storage space, and from all functionalities and security provided by Google.


Hangouts Meet for video conferences

Use Hangouts Meet in video conferences to meet your clients or your team wherever you are. This way, you can establish the next steps for the projects you are working on without the need to travel.


Calendar for work organization and optimization

Google Calendar helps you work more efficiently and reduce the planning time. Now it is easy for you to plan your meetings: you send invitations and automatic reminders to all those who must attend a meeting, you can check the availability of your coworkers or you can see if a conference room is free. You gain time and become more efficient.


Drive for data and information storage

You create, store, access documents and provide your team with the possibility to work together. The documents in Google Drive are kept safe, they can be modified in real time. They can be accessed no matter where you are and what device you are using, be it a laptop, tablet smartphone.


Docs for document creation and modification

In Google Docs you can create and modify documents directly in the browser, you don't need a specialized software. You work together with your team on a document and any modification to it is saved automatically. You have all the versions of the modifications and you can go back anytime to any of the initial versions.


Sheets for calculation, tables and charts

You don't have to waste valuable time anymore calculating according to old methods. The spreadsheets provided by Google Workspace help you in this regard, providing you with the opportunity to juggle between charts and incorporated formulas.


Forms for easy to implement questionnaires

In Google Forms you create questionnaires, you send them and then you can analyze the results in real time. Interpret the data using the centralization performed by Google Forms or process it with Google Sheets.


Slides for presentations with impact

You create and improve the presentations in order to make your products and projects knwon. Several members of a team can connect to a presentation and can work together in real time, even though they are not in the same office.

Cloud Search

Cloud Search for finding the information you need

Cloud Search is similar to Google Search, but it is designed for Google Workspace. You can search information in emails, documents or events and you can find easily the information you need.

Mobile Management

Mobile Management for blocking mobile devices

A stolen phone can be a challenge for the security of your company data. Now you can manage an unpleasant situation by requiring the blocking of the screen, setting the second authentication factor or the selective deletion of the account.


Vault for data protection and archiving

Vault allows you to archive information from GMail, Google Drive, Google Groups and Google Hangouts Meet. It can be used to find certain information or it can be used in case of disputes or legal problems that might arise. For instance, if a person deletes an e-mail deliberately, this email will be retrievable.

Admin Console

Admin Console security and control

You set easily the security and control rules for your company. You add easily users or you remove them, you create groups and rules regarding the access of users and devices to information.

Choose the Google Workspace plan (former G Suite) that best suits you

Workspace Business

5,75 € / user / month on yearly payment
6,90 € / user / month on monthly payment

  • Number of users: between 1 and 300
  • 30B cloud storage per user
  • Gmail business email
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides
  • Videoconferences (up to 100 participants)
  • Shared calendars

You have never used Google Workspace before on your domain?
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Workspace Business

11,50 € / user / month on yearly payment
13,80 € / user / month on monthly payment

  • Number of users: between 1 and 300
  • 2TB cloud storage per user (or 1TB per user, if there are less than 5 users)
  • Gmail business email
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides
  • Videoconferences (up to 150 participants)
  • Shared calendars
  • Videoconference recordings
  • Smart search in Google Workspace and Cloud search
  • Shared Drive

You have never used Google Workspace before on your domain?
Test it for free

Are you already using Google Workspace?
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Workspace Business

17,25 € / user / month on yearly payment
20,70 € / user / month on monthly payment

  • Number of users: between 1 and 300
  • 5Tb cloud storage per user (or 1TB per user if there are less than 5 users)
  • Gmail business email
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides
  • Videoconferences (up to 250 participants)
  • Shared calendars
  • Videoconference recordings
  • Smart search in Google Workspace and Cloud search
  • Shared Drive
  • Archiving and retention policies for email and chat
  • eDiscovery for email, chat and files
  • Audit reports on the user activity

You have never used Google Workspace before on your domain?
Test it for free

Are you already using Google Workspace?
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*You can test for free any Google Workspace package for a maximum number of 10 users (for the Business packages), if you haven't used paid Google Workspace before on the domain concerned. If you need more than 10 users, please contact us to see what package we can offer you.

**When concluding an annual contract, the number of users cannot be reduced during the unfolding of the contract (over that year), but only upon the contract renewal (at the due date).

Frequently asked questions about Google Workspace

Why would I choose Google Workspace instead of an email or collaboration solution?

Google Workspace is much more than email. If you are looking for a solution exclusively for the company email, see our email hosting email hostingservice. If, besides the email, you also want an easy to use solution for cloud document storage, document collaborative editing and chat, voice or video communication, then Google Workspace is the right solution. We have tested ourselves, within Hosterion, several collaboration solutions and we have come to the conclusion that Google Workspace is the best solution because it is easy to use and fast. Precisely because Google Docs or Sheets is so fast, we all got used to open, during an online meeting, a document we are working on and where all the participants are abel to see the real-time updates. A practical example from our company's activity: when a colleague from Bucharest writes a word or a figure in the document, all the participants see, in real time, the result of the pressed key. It translates into increased productivity and less headaches. We couldn't imagine our work today without Google Workspace.

How does the day-to-day business transform using Google Workspace?

We recommend to all our customers not to store documents locally, on their personal computers. The documents existing in the company are uploaded in Google Drive, while the newly created documents (such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides etc.) should be created directly online. Thus, everyone has access to the latest version of a document, you see online the modification history per document and you have all the documents, all the time, "with you". You have them with you because you can access them from anywhere, not only from your laptop, but also from your mobile phone or any other device you sign in on. Working like this saves time and increases productivity.

Which are the communication tools included in Google Workspace?

For communication, you've got: Gmail - for email, Google Meet - for one-to-one meetings or for meetings gathering several participants, with video and/or voice features, Google Chat - one-to-one text conversations or within a group, with your team and your collaborators, Google Currents - similar to Facebook, but dedicated to the internal communication, between the employees.

Still, isn't Google Workspace a bit expensive, being paid per user?

Maybe the payment per each user is a new model as compared to the traditional email solution you are using currently. But the productivity benefits are huge. We have come to the conclusion that Google Workspace is, actually, very cheap for the advantages it provides. It is also important to transform the working manner within your company, as well. Don't edit files localy, which you then upload in Drive, but edit directly online Docs or Sheets, so that anyone can have access to those documents (and you decide who you grant access to) and the modifications can be seen in real time, the link to those documents leading always to the latest version. Even if we consider this single scenario, where you avoid sending by email the latest version and you don't have to ask your colleagues the latest version anymore, already the time you are saving covers the Google Workspace cost. It is important to upgrade the workflow within the company, to benefit, at maximum, from Workspace. You can find learning materials on how to increase productivity in Google Workspace Learning Center. If you still need a more affordable solution, which provides only the email service for your company, see our email hosting email hostingservice.

When migrating to Google Workspace, will the current email messages be lost?

No. During the migration, the email messages from each user's box are transferred. When the migration is carefully prepared, no email sent during the migration process is lost.

Are you looking for a more affordable email hosting solution?

Google Workspace provides an extraordinary set of tools for the optimization of your team's work. But if you either don't need collaboration tools or you only want an email hosting solution for a smaller budget, we recommend you the business email solution.