Web hosting in Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest is the ideal web hosting place for your website if you address the public from Romania

Web hosting technical support Although we are a Cluj-based company, we have chosen Bucharest for the web hosting services we provide to our clients from Romania. Why? All internet providers from Romania make their interconnections in Bucharest. Therefore, a visitor from Cluj-Napoca, who has an internet connection from Telekom and visits a website hosted in a data center in Cluj-Napoca and who is not connected directly to Telekom, will reach the visited website passing via Bucharest, that is Cluj-Bucharest-Cluj. Many times, even if the data center is directly connected to the same visitor's provider, the connection will still be done via Bucharest.

Another reason for choosing Bucharest for the position of the web hosting server is the fact that most internet users in Romania are located in Bucharest. Therefore, they will have the shortest website access time possible. In Bucharest you'll find the greatest variety of internet providers, but also of collocation services in professional data centers.

Features of the data center in Bucharest:

  • modern data center, tier III
  • 1000 sq.m. technically equipped and an overall capacity of 240 de racks
  • 1 MW dedicated to the data center
  • staff supervising the operating parameters 24 hours a day
  • the electric power supply of the data center comes from two different and opposite parts of the building
  • battery backup system (UPS) in redundancy N+1
  • diesel backup generator in redundancy N+1
  • AC cooling system with redundancy N+1
  • adiabatic cooling device N+1
  • infrastructure dedicated towards NXData-1 and NXData-2 on two different routes towards each of them
  • VESDA fire detection system
  • fire detection system using smoke sensors
  • F7 and G4 air filtering
  • enhanced security and PIN at every rack
  • 24/7 security

If you want to have your website hosted in Bucharest, choose one of our web hosting web hosting.

Faster loading of the website, better Google position

Why choose web hosting in Bucharest?

  • modern data center with redundancy to all systems and which provides an uptime close to 100%
  • very good data connections and low latency with all internet providers in Romania, but also abroad
  • excellent loading speed for your website for the visitors from Romania, which
  • increases the satisfaction of your customers and
  • positively influences your website's position within the Google search results

The location of the server hosting your websitedoes not seem to affect directly the position within Google search. For SEO ("Search Engine Optimization") are much more important the extension of the domain name (or "ccTLD") and the country you choose in the Search Console.

But the place where the website is hosted influences indirectly the Google position. If most of the visitors are from Bucharest and from Romania, generally, and the web hosting of your website is done in Bucharest, it means the website will load quickly. And we know that the website high loading speed is one of the criteria based on which Google performs its result ordering.

Consequently, choosing the web hosting place is also part of your online marketing strategy.

Our web hosting web hosting start from 4 € and they provide you with an excellent loading speed for the visitors from Romania.

Web hosting packages

Are you looking for web hosting somehwere else than Bucharest?

If you are addressing a different public than the one in Romania, we have a few proposals for you. All our web hosting packages are also provided in the following locations:

  • in Amsterdam, the Netherlands: the ideal position for the visitors from Western Europe. The data center has an exceptional variety internet providers and interconnections with other data networks.
  • Web hosting in Cluj-Napoca
  • Web hosting in London, Great Britain
  • Web hosting in Dallas, Texas
  • Web hosting in Fremont, California