Free SSL certificates

Why use a SSL certificate on your website?

It is a protection against interceptions and it ensures the integrity of your website
Without a SSL certificate the information transmitted between the visitor's computer and the visited website can be intercepted and even altered.

It increases visitors' trsut in your brand
A SSL certificate ensures the authenticty of the website and it is a sign of professionalism. Your visitors appreciate the fact that you are protecting their personal data and that you lower the risk of their computers being exposed to viruses.

It provides the website with search engine optimization
It is official. As early as 2014. Google made an announcement through an article on its blog that the websites with SSL certificates appear among the first search results.

It couldn't be simpler

Just a click. This is all you need to do for the automatic issuance and installation of the SSL certificate.

All your domains, freely protected

We offer you free SSL certificates for all the domains we are hosting, on any of our web hosting packages. There is no limit to the issued certificates.

How to recognize a SSL protected domain?

SSLIn the address bar you will seehttps:// instead of the http:// if the communication with the visited website is protected by a SSL certificate.
Certain browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox, also display a small green padlock to indicate the presence of the SSL certificate.

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