Starting from January 1st, 2024, we will update the pricing of cPanel licenses offered alongside the managed VPS and dedicated servers. Below you will find the new prices applicable after this date.

cPanel has announced (again) an increase in the prices of the licenses they sell. This increase is about 10% more compared to the prices of the current year (2023).

Due to the minimal margins applied to the prices related to these licenses, we find ourselves having to update the prices of certain services that include cPanel licenses and cPanel licenses that can be additionally purchased with our services.

What changes?

We are making pricing updates for additional purchased cPanel licenses as well as monthly costs for managed VPSes.

Hosterion offers cPanel licenses together with managed VPS and managed dedicated servers* . 5 accounts license for VPSes and 100 accounts license for dedicated servers.

(*) Dedicated server management services are purchased separately.

Who will be affected by this increase?

Customers who own managed VPSes or dedicated servers with cPanel licenses will be affected.

The cost of managed VPSes with cPanel will increase by 2 /month + VAT starting with invoices issued after January 1st, 2024.

Pricing of dedicated servers with cPanel will increase by 5 /month + VAT with the next invoice issued after January 1st, 2024.

Prices of additional cPanel licenses for managed VPSs change as follows:

License typeNo. of accountsOld priceNew price
cPanel Admin Cloud5included in managementincluded in management
cPanel Pro Cloud3013€15€
cPanel Plus Cloud5025€28€
cPanel Premier Cloud10060€65€
cPanel Premier Cloud 150150106€115€
cPanel Premier Cloud 200200148€162€
cPanel Premier Cloud 250250192€210€
cPanel Premier Cloud 300300238€261€

Prices of cPanel licenses for dedicated servers are changing as follows:

License typeNo. of accountsOld priceNew price
cPanel Premier Metal10060 € (included in management)65 € (included in management)
cPanel Premier Metal 150150106€115€
cPanel Premier Metal 200200148€162€
cPanel Premier Metal 250250192€210€
cPanel Premier Metal 300300238€261€

Other mentions:

Prices for shared web hosting, WordPress web hosting, Magento web hosting, Premium web hosting and Business Email hosting packages will NOT be affected.

If you have any questions related to these changes, you can contact our support team at any time and any day by phone or email: