Our WordPress Pro hosting service has been available in Bucharest since a while ago. Following the requests from our customers, we are now offering it internationally.

Why should you choose WordPress Pro Hosting?

A WordPress site can also be hosted on a regular web hosting package. But if you want increased performance, additional security, and tools to easily manage your WordPress installation, then we recommend WordPress Pro hosting packages.

WordPress has experienced incredible popularity. Although it started as an open-source solution for personal journals (blogs), it has come to be used for many more types of sites. WordPress is a very popular solution for company presentation sites, but also for online stores implemented with the WooCommerce plugin. It’s not just small businesses that use WordPress, but also large companies and high-traffic websites like The New York Times, The Sun, Vogue, BBC, Microsoft News, TechCrunch, and even the White House website.

Even though a WordPress website can also run on a regular web hosting package, the level of traffic that such a package can support is limited, and its administration is difficult if many operations are performed manually.

Looking at these limitations and the security needs of WordPress sites, we created the WordPress Pro web hosting service.

What does WordPress Pro hosting offer you?


Running on AMD server processors EPYC Gen3, using ultra-performant NVMe storage, with generous resource allocation and advanced caching solutions, WordPress Pro hosting packages offer superior performance for your website.


The first rule in cybersecurity is to frequently perform software updates. With the help of WordPress Toolkit, included in WordPress Pro hosting packages, you can choose to have automatic updates. And if you prefer manual updates, with Toolkit, you can easily copy your live (or production) WordPress installation to a test environment (also known as staging) and test the update before implementing it on your live site. Simple and efficient.

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are becoming more frequent. Such an attack, launched from a large number of compromised (hacked) devices connected to the internet, aims to disrupt the functioning of a website by overwhelming the web server with a high number of requests per second. In partnership with Voxility, we provide DDoS protection up to 1Tbps, ensuring your website remains accessible even during an attack.

The security components that have already become standard for Hosterion services are also available with WordPress Pro hosting packages: CloudLinux and BitNinja. It’s worth noting that BitNinja automatically filters attempts to compromise your website. In the event of a vulnerability in your website’s code, usually due to outdated updates, BitNinja detects hacking attempts, preventing them from reaching the vulnerable code.

And for the worst-case scenarios, we remind you that you benefit from daily backups stored in a different city, at no additional cost. We perform backup restoration for you, free of charge.

Timesaving through easy administration

WordPress Pro hosting packages come with WordPress Toolkit. This software, developed by Plesk (but available in the cPanel account of the packages), allows you to perform the most common WordPress administration tasks with a few clicks. You can install a new instance of WordPress, automatically migrate a WordPress from another hosting account, perform upgrades, copy WordPress installations, enable automatic security measures, manage plugins, and perform many other operations.

And if you have multiple WordPress installations in your hosting account, you can perform these operations in bulk, simultaneously managing multiple sites.

Your private Redis cache server

It’s no secret that we use software developed by other companies, software that has become the de facto standard in the hosting industry, widely used, and expected by our customers to be included in our web hosting services. This includes cPanel, CloudLinux, LiteSpeed, JetBackup, as well as other software and services that are not available with many hosting providers: WordPress Toolkit, PHP X-Ray, and BitNinja.

This time, we have taken it a step further: Hosterion developers have created a cPanel plugin that allows you to manage your own object cache server instance. Redis is the best and most popular caching server, and now you have your own Redis installation. By using the LiteSpeed Cache WordPress plugin and configuring the object cache with Redis, you will achieve even better website performance.


With PHP X-Ray, you can see how long it takes for WordPress plugins or database queries to run. This allows you to optimize your WordPress installation by disabling certain plugins, and developers can identify issues that need to be addressed to improve page loading speed.

PHP X-Ray is a feature available in the cPanel account of WordPress Pro hosting services.

The standard features of our hosting services are available at no additional cost with WordPress Pro hosting packages:

  • Daily backups
  • Dedicated IPv6
  • Fast and highly-available DNS service (through Anycast with servers in 17 locations)
  • SSL certificates
  • LiteSpeed web server
  • CloudLinux (in fact, WordPress Pro hosting includes CloudLinux Shared Pro)
  • BitNinja
  • 24/7 technical support via phone and email

WordPress Pro now available in Amsterdam, London, and Dallas

WordPress Pro is now available not only in Bucharest but also in Amsterdam, London, and Dallas. When placing your order, all you have to do is choose the desired data center.

In Amsterdam, your website will feel right at home in the Equinix AM6 data center. It will be connected to several important internet providers, including Tier 1 provider(s), and will benefit from Voxility’s protection against DDoS attacks.

Dallas is a fairly central location in the United States, making it a good choice if your website visitors are predominantly from the US.

And if you’re targeting clients from the United Kingdom, London is a suitable choice for your WordPress website.

Read more on the WordPress hosting service page, and we look forward to hosting your WordPress website on our servers worldwide. 🙂