Feature / plan

Web hosting
Magento Starter

36 € / monthsave 36 € on annual payment

Web hosting
Magento Plus

72 € / monthsave 72 € on annual payment

Web hosting
Magento Ultra

120 € / monthsave 120 € on annual payment

Web hosting
dedicated Magento 16

288 € / monthsave 288 € on annual payment

Web hosting
dedicated Magento 32

336 € / monthsave 336 € on annual payment
Proactive monitoring
Optimization audit
Proactive management
Web server tuning (LiteSpeed)
Super cache (LiteMage Cache)
Managed Backup
Shared SSD space30 GB60 GB120 GB--
Hosted domains111unlimitedunlimited
Recommended features of the shop*Products 400
Categories 15
Options 25
Price rules 5
Products 800
Categories 30
Options 50
Price rules 10
Products 1600
Categories 200
Options 100
Price rules 20
Products 40000
Categories 2000
Options 2500
Price rules 50
Products 80000
Categories 3000
Options 3500
Price rules 100
Recommended number of visitors per hour*50010002000over 2000over 2000
Unlimited traffic
shared IPv4
dedicated IPv6
SSH access
Website secured with BitNinja
Premium DNS
Server web LiteSpeed
CPU Speed2 GHz 10 GHz3 GHz 12 GHz4 GHz 16 GHzunlimited (within the limit of the processor frequency)
Virtual memory (vMEM)unlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Physical memory (pMEM)3 GB 4.5 GB4.5 GB 6 GB6 GB 8 GBunlimited (within the limit of the available memory)
Number of allocated processes (nPROC)180240300unlimited (wthin the limit of the available memory)
Number of entry processes (EP)50100250unlimited (wthin the limit of the available memory)
Dedicated SSD disks2 x 240 GB SSD2 x 480 GB SSD
Dedicated memory16 GB32 GB
Free SSL certificates

The special hosting packages for Magento dramatically the online shops' performance due to the innovative web server, to the specialized cache solution, to the higher resource volume available to each website (CPU, memory, I/O operations) and to the customized setups carried out by our specialists.

Focus on your business and let us take care of the proactive monitoring of the online shop's performances.

We migrate your website for free on our servers without affecting the smooth running of your business.

Magento web hosting pro-active management features

  • Automated monitoring of your website operation. Every minute, a HTTP request is made to a relevant page (which includes database accessing) and if it is not functional or it responds too slowly our team is alerted
  • Automated monitoring of the server's smooth operation (service operation, disk condition, available disk space, available memory, server uploading – CPU and disk operations etc.)
  • Anti-malware and anti-virus daily scanning
  • 24/7 technical support by phone and email. Assistance is provided for the website configuration and installation and for the website-realted troubleshooting.
  • Setup and support for the DNS settings of the hosted domains
  • Firewall configuration for the detection and automatic blocking of the „brute force” attacks
  • Configuration of the security_mode rules, in order to block the potential XSS penetration attempts XSS and SQL injection.

Magento web hosting backup features

  • A backup copy is automatically done on a different server from the same data center, every night
  • The backup copies of the last 14 days, 4 weekly backups and 3 monthly copies are kept
  • In each backup copy, only the modified files are stored, the space being used consequently more efficiently
  • Our teams tests every month the restoration from backup, to make sure that everything works properly
  • You have the possibility to perform unlimited and free restores from backups for files, databases, or entire websites

Magento hosting add-ons:

  • Elastic search managed, starting from 20 € / month


  • Within a Magento hosting package, you can also purchase dedicated IP, at the price of 2 € / month.
  • A dedicated IPv6 address is included (without any additional costs).
  • The payment shall be done in lei, at the exchange rate of the National Bank of Romania. These prices are exclusive of VAT (19%).
  • The payment shall be made in advance for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.
  • One free month is granted for one-year advance payment (only 11 months shall be paid).