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About .horse domains

.horse este o extensie generică dedicată calăriei și cailor.

Register and renew .horse domains
Register and renew .horse domains

Registry: GoDaddy Registry

Domain registration restrictions:

nu există, poate să înregistreze oricine

Other details about .horse domains:

.horse a fost delegată la zona DNS rădăcină în data de 31 martie 2014.

Characteristics of .horse domains:

Date Implemented:

.horse registration rules:
The registration rules for Internet domains are established by the authority that manages each type of domain. The registration and use of an Internet domain name must comply with these rules.
.horse rules

IDN (Internationalized domain name):
da, germană, franceză și spaniolă

Registration period:
intre 1 și 10 ani

Grace period upon renewal:
45 zile după data expirării

da, se prelungește cu 1 an

Grace period upon deletion:
30 zile în așteptare

Technical information:

Number of characters:
între 3 și 63 alfanumerice

WHOIS privacy protection:

Number of nameservers:
2 sau mai multe NS-uri

.horse domain prices

.horse domain registration26 € / year
.horse domain transfer26 € / year
.horse domain renewal26 € / year

For other domain names prices check: Complete list of domain name prices.

Customers in Romania pay in RON at the BNR exchange rate + 2%.
VAT is added to the displayed prices from site according to tax regulations.

Register .horse domain

Check .horse domain availability and register by completing the form below:

If you want to register a domain type other than .horse, go to the form regarding domain registration.

What you have to know about .horse domain registration

  • .horse domain registration is made on your name as any domain offered by Hosterion.
  • You have full rights to domains registered through Hosterion: you can use the domain as you choose and you can always transfer it to another provider if you wish. We don't hinder you and we don't force you to stay with us.
  • Any domain includes, without additional costs, a premium service of DNS hosting.
  • If you have registered an .horse domain with us, you will receive an email notification 60 days before your domain expires.
  • The proforma invoice for domain renewals is automatically issued and emailed 14 days before the domain expires. To ensure that your domain is up and running we recommend that you pay your invoice early, as it can take 1-2 working days for us to transfer the money and process the payment. The payment of the invoice is optional: if you no longer need the domain, you are under no obligation to pay it.
  • We also recommend choosing a web hosting package from us, but it is totally optional.

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