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About .ro domains

.RO is the official extension of the Romanian domains. The first .ro domain was registered in 2003, becoming today, obviously, the most popular in our country.

Anyone who chooses the .ro extension suggests that it is intended for a Romanian audience and is suitable for both companies or public figures, as well as for blogs.

International brands can choose .ro to make a difference between information addressed to Romanian customers and those addressed to others.

Initially, the .ro domain was registered for an indefinite period, but in 2018 the policy was changed, moving to annual registration and needing renewal.

The following domain name extensions are included and officially recognized: .com.ro, .nt.ro, .org.ro, .nom.ro, .info.ro, .rec.ro, .arts.ro, .store.ro, .www.ro, .firm.ro, .tm.ro. It is preferable to record one domain with short .ro extension because it is easier to communicate and easier to remember.

Among the known .ro domains are: google.ro, emag.ro, olx.ro and dexonline.ro.

Register and renew .ro domains
Register and renew .ro domains

Registry: RoTLD

Domain registration restrictions:

.ro can be registered by anyone

Other details about .ro domains:

To change the owner of a .ro domain name, the transfer of the right of use is required. More details at [email protected]. IMPORTANT! By transferring the right of use the validity period of the domain name is not transferred (restarts).

Characteristics of .ro domains:

Date Implemented:

.ro registration rules:
The registration rules for Internet domains are established by the authority that manages each type of domain. The registration and use of an Internet domain name must comply with these rules.
.ro rules

IDN (Internationalized domain name):

Registration period:
1 to 10 years

Grace period upon renewal:
before the expiration date

yes, does not renew the domain name

Grace period upon deletion:
90 days of quarantine

Technical information:

Number of characters:
3 to 63 alphanumeric characters

WHOIS privacy protection:
only to individuals

Number of nameservers:
2 or more NS

Frequently asked questions about .ro domains

In what situations is a .ro domain name recommended?

It is recommended to use a .ro domain name if your website is addressed to the Romanian public or to the Romanian-speaking public, the use of a .ro domain name being an indication in this regard. However, there are no rules that allow or prohibit the use of a .ro domain based on the content or target audience of a website.

How do I transfer a .ro domain name?

There are two types of transfer for .ro domain names:
The transfer of a .ro domain name from another registrar to Hosterion: use this option if the domain name it is already registered and you want to renew your domain name at Hosterion in the future. That kind of transfer is free of charge.
Transfer right of use of a .ro domain name: applies if you want to change natural or legal person who has the legal right to use a .ro domain name. Contact us for more information.

How can I see who is the owner of the rights to use a .ro domain name?

This information can be checked in the form: https://www.rotld.ro/whois/. If the holder is a legal person, all contact details are publicly available. If the holder is a natural person, their data is protected and not publicly displayed.

How can I see when a .ro domain expires?

This information is public and can be verified by anyone online. See the article How do you check when a .ro domain name expires? .

How to contact the owner of a .ro domain name?

If there is a site published on the respective domain, check the information on the "Contact" page or pages similar to that site. You can also check the data in the form https://www.rotld.ro/whois/. You will find an email address if the site is Registered by a legal entity, but if in the section "data holder (Registrar)" appears "Type person: Natural person" you will not find an email address published. If the domain name is registered via Hosterion (see this if in the information displayed by the WHOIS form above, appears "Register: Hosterion SRL"), then you can contact us and we will send your message to the owner of this domain. It is the decision of the owner to answer the message. We cannot disclose data about the owner of a domain name.

I forgot to renew a .ro domain name, does that mean I lost it?

After expiration, a .ro domain name enters the "Pending Delete" state. In this state the field does not work, but neither cannot be registered by another person. Only the domain holder can extend the domain by a registration period between 1 and 10 years. The domain remains in the state of "Pending Delete" for 90 days, and after this period will be available to be registered by anyone, on on a "first come, first served" basis.

Can you register a .ro domain for life?

In the past .ro domain names could register with a single fee for an indefinite period. ROTLD, the authority that manages .ro domains introduced the annual tax on march 1, 2018. A .ro domain name can now be registered for a period between 1 and 10 years.

The most popular domain extensions at Hosterion are: .com, .eu, .net, .org, .uk, and .ro.

.ro domain prices

.ro domain registration9 € / year
.ro domain transfer0 € / year
.ro domain renewal9 € / year

For other domain names prices check: Complete list of domain name prices.

Customers in Romania pay in RON at the BNR exchange rate + 2%.
VAT is added to the displayed prices from site according to tax regulations.

Register .ro domain

Check .ro domain availability and register by completing the form below:

If you want to register a domain type other than .ro, go to the form regarding domain registration.

What you have to know about .ro domain registration

  • .ro domain registration is made on your name as any domain offered by Hosterion.
  • You have full rights to domains registered through Hosterion: you can use the domain as you choose and you can always transfer it to another provider if you wish. We don't hinder you and we don't force you to stay with us.
  • Any domain includes, without additional costs, a premium service of DNS hosting.
  • If you have registered an .ro domain with us, you will receive an email notification 60 days before your domain expires.
  • The proforma invoice for domain renewals is automatically issued and emailed 14 days before the domain expires. To ensure that your domain is up and running we recommend that you pay your invoice early, as it can take 1-2 working days for us to transfer the money and process the payment. The payment of the invoice is optional: if you no longer need the domain, you are under no obligation to pay it.
  • We also recommend choosing a web hosting package from us, but it is totally optional.

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